Spanking my wife stories

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Arnaud sat in the master chair before her. The canopy of the top cast him into a shadow. She awaited her fate with a thumping heart and a dry mouth. Other than Edgar, nobody else will know of this. And you are not a whore. You made mistakes, misjudged situations, and allowed your lust to rule your body. But that is not a good enough reason for me to reject you. I understand the power of love. What I will not tolerate is lying.

Spanking my wife stories

Before we married I offered you the chance to tell me what you kept from everyone else and you held back. And here, in front of me and Edgar, knowing of our agreement, you lied again, forcing me to put you through this humiliating examination. That was part of your punishment. The other part is you will be spanked by me, your wronged husband, and Edgar, too, since he was tricked as well.

It will put this behind us and we can move on. You will have your fuck, Edgar Raymond. I keep my promises. My honour will remain intact.

Spanking my wife stories

This woman, my beautiful wife, might not be pious, but she will now submit to us because she has shown quite clearly how she desires my dominance and yours, too. Nadia lifted her face out of her wet hands. A birching by the prioress would bear little resemblance to what her husband proposed.

More shame! Then to ensure the punishment is complete, you will bend over the bed and submit to a spanking with our scabbards. There was little point in protesting. What he offered was far better than informing her father. Her arse had hardened itself to many a beating—this would be no different.

Her assumption was based on her experiences of pain. What else would a spanking do other than hurt? Arnaud leaned forward. Nothing has changed between us, only that you have carnal knowledge. I wish to know the extent of it. Nadia cringed with embarrassment. She gaped; behind her Edgar moved, as spanking my wife stories awakened from a trance.

At least, not the manhood, only his fingers. Arnaud smiled. What say you, Edgar? You must show her what we men desire. The night is still young. Come morning, my wife, you will be forgiven, well fucked, and in need of gentle embraces and a warm bath. However, first, we must clear up this matter of your lies. Nadia, come here and place your knees on either side of my legs, your bottom facing me and your hands on the floor. She crawled across the floor, discarding the cloak behind her.

But when the prioress had thrashed her, her bottom had been covered. What Arnaud proposed—to spank her bare bottom—was quite different. More intimate, humiliating, and sensual. Reaching his great oak chair, she twisted her body around and lifted her legs up on either side of his body while her hands touched the floor and supported her weight. Arnaud aided her by holding her in place as she positioned her hips between his knees spanking my wife stories lowered her head between his legs. Then, she leaned forward onto her hands. He faced her raised arse while she saw nothing other than his boots.

For a novice who has been birched many times, this is more about your humility than suffering. He ran his hands along her thighs, then squeezed her arse cheeks briefly before smacking both buttocks at the same time. He alternated, slapping her bottom cheeks one at a time, swiftly and without pause.

She rapidly concluded hands hurt just as much as a birch, if not more. The weight behind each spank was nothing like the thud of thin twigs. She jolted forward each time, requiring concentration so not to topple off his lap. When she struggled with her balance, he held her about the waist and continued to spank with one hand, switching between her throbbing buttocks with sufficient time to raise his hand high enough to cast a shadow before her face.

If this was the first of her spankings, how would she manage the scabbards? Again, he chuckled. However, a naughty girl, especially one who likes to lie, needs regular spankings. Mark my words, Edgar. See how her arse turns spanking my wife stories and her pussy lips swell. She is not innocent in the slightest. Nice and tight, too. Two conflicting tones and it mirrored her own swirling emotional state. A consummate liar, he declared, an unbecoming attitude for a gentle woman. Her fair face, which hid her dark soul, needed to reflect a purer nature. She squealed, mortified by the combination of their detailed conversation and embarrassing spanking.

It was nothing akin to the punishments the prioress inflicted upon her. This was something else, almost too much, but at the same time, it left her awash with desire. But for whom? Her ageing, impotent husband, or the strapping young man who would leave the next day?

If I tame this creature, she will be more than a beauty to behold. She will worship me. See how she leaks. She responds to chastisement. It is more than an act of discipline. She reaches beyond it and fights with her desires. It means she can be taught many ways to pleasure a man. Remove the misery of punishment and she will thrive. In fact, he struggled to hide his erection.

Arnaud had expected her to reveal the truth to him before the wedding, but given the high regard her priory had placed on virginity, her reticence to reveal the truth was understandable. He helped her to her feet. Her bottom was glowing and he wanted to feel the warmth, and what lay between her legs. Damn it to hell, he would spank her regardless because they both needed to address her behaviour and put an end to the matter. He led her toward a stool. Having sat on it, he drew her over his lap. He lifted his hand a little too high above her rump, so he lowered it and brought it down on her rosy cheeks with a smack.

Spanking my wife stories

He raised his hand again, higher and brought it down quicker. Somewhere in between, he guessed. Now he had a measure of the technique, he proceeded to smack her bottom with a rhythm. He also discovered the art of pausing and rubbing. He circled her left cheek, felt the heat rising up and traced the shape of her perfect contours. This he could enjoy many times.

Spanking my wife stories

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