Women who like pantyhose

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W hy is it that when I wear pantyhose more men look at my legs? Are men more interested in legs that are covered in pantyhose or bare legs? P antyhose make legs look nicer. I personally prefer ladies that wear pantyhose and they always catch my attention over the ladies going bare legged. Most likely, it is a personal preference on the man's part.

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Women who like pantyhose

But pantyhose are not as good as thigh highs. I think pantyhose should be made illegal. M en are turned on by most things that are soft, shiny, and see-through. Additionally, they cover up imperfections to make legs look sleeker. P ersonally, I prefer bare legs. I love to see the bare flesh as opposed to stockings.

I think it looks fake that way. Do not get me wrong, it is pleasing to the eye in some cases, but call me a purist M y boyfriend loves pantyhose. He definitely prefers pantyhose to bare legs or stockings and suspenders I think they are called garterbelts in the US. He is quite kinky though.

Women who like pantyhose

Penny The Wise. I f they are colored, it's probably because the color drays attention compared to bare leg. If it's just a nude hose, they might give your leg a nice definition and sheen and draw attention that way. Maybe you have nice legs and get checked out equally, but only notice when you wear hose because you feel a little self concious?

Little Miss Dangerous. M any pantyhose have an added sheen or shimmer that highlights the curves in the legs, especially if you also happen to be wearing high heels, which accentuate the length of the leg. M aybe they want to touch them. I know I do - I love the feel of nylon stretched over skin, silky and smooth :o It's hard not to touch my own legs when I wear stuff like that. S heer pantyhose, as long as they are a quality type feel and look really great. No matter what. Little boys like pulling them with their fingers like its skin thats about to snap, and men like taking them off.

Women who like pantyhose

L et me put it this way. Its amazingly women who like pantyhose not to stare- and she is 51 over 15 years older than me. I am sure she notices, but I cant help myself from looking-they are that good. Most men have a thing for pantyhose. For me, I associate them with my superior, so in a way they represent sex appeal, great legs, and power- a difficult combo to resist.

Nikka Yuko. I tend to notice that my legs look slimmer and my skin looks very even. I guess that's the appeal. It's so horrible to put it on, though. I am notorious for running pantyhose. I 'll answer for myself. I find bare legs to be SOooo boring, and the majority of women don't wear pantyhose anymore. The Blue Jean and Sneakers look was old in the 's It is sloppy looking and totally unattractive. Women are women who like pantyhose attractive dressed femininely.

Feminity is a valuable asset I like the sleekness of well shaved and pantyhosed legs. Coffee, Suntan, and all shades of Beige are are so boring and unimaginable. Blues, Blacks, and Whites catch my attention, but not nearly as much as the colorfull tights. Any woman who is looking to attract a man might want to try a skirt, pantyhose or tights, and at least some low heels. A s a Pantyhose website I saw one time said: Gone are the dark days of summer; Back are the flawless legs of fall! Not to coin a phrase but "Nothing beats a great pair of Leggs!

S mooth silky skin or something approximating it. P antyhose!!! The bare legged look has gone too far. If it's not 85 degrees slip into a pair ladies. Bare legs in winter is silly!!!! P antyhose or hose, in general add a shading that you don't see with bare legs. Apparently, you have good-lookin' gams, and the hose simply enhance that feature! Janelle Hobbins. I totally agree with Delwin's answer I love showing my feminity.

I rarely wea rpants anymore. Maybe forwhen it is needed Otherwise,it is the feminine look for me! Penny N Peterson. I n this time of year pantyhose are a must for me. I think they look wonderful on and give a little warmyh to me. Men love pretty legs and its just a feminine thing they like about all woman. I wear them everyday, in the summer bare is fine. H ose are pretty; they present a very classy look. As a answerer posted a lady wearing hose will usually be dressed nicely and that is just a supper turn on for me personally.

I wear pantyhose myself, and I'm a male. I am also straight and no I do not have homsexual tendancies and neither am I "hiding in the closet. I often feel ashamed and guilty for having these desires, but they've been with me since my youth and as much as I've tried to shake it, I have not been successful.

For me it is not for warmth. It is for the look and for the sexual gratification I get from it. Women are different from men. Women see it as a functional piece of clothing. Men see it is a sex-enhancer. That's the reason they were invented, so EVERYBODY needs to stop living in denial and smokescreening the issue with comments like, "They enhance the curves of the leg and keep the legs warm in winter.

Males get off from it, a women know this and wear them for that reason.

Women who like pantyhose

In the office, the ONLY thing that gives women power is the fact that they know that every man in there will be STARING at their nylon-clad legs and the men can't do a damn thing about this except to stare without getting caught.

The power I'm talking about is the power to have sex in "the back room" with whatever man she so chooses because she knows that she is driving all the men crazy with her short skirt, hose, and heels. I t is the whole allure that it makes your legs beautiful yet unnaccessible. The make them shiny and men like shiny objects, just kidding it smoothes out imperfections. What more could a guy want a lady dressed nice and nice looking legs that is why.

O h my, pantyhose with a shine in any color make legs look like candy, the kind you could suck on for a day-it's unimaginable what life would be like without women in pantyhose - I hope they come back in style as in the 80's and those fashion critics that pan them are completely clueless. Ever wonder why the tv show Dukes of Hazzard played for many seasons wasn't the writing I'm sure or why Hooters is so popular? Women don't have to go to that extreeme, even a little nylon showing women who like pantyhose a long way. And yes men love the look and feel of quality hose - it's why some men resort to wearing them themselves - maybe they don't get them at home.

Above all, pantyhose hides blemishes, bruises, scars on the legs, leg hair stubble, and varicose veins. On cold dry days, pantyhose can help prevent the legs from becoming too dry. Some companies regard wearing skirts or shorts without pantyhose as unprofessional and thus require people who wear skirts or shorts to work to also wear pantyhose or sheer tights UK. Dark pantyhose, and black pantyhose in particular, can create the illusion of slimmer legs.

Another flip side depends on the wearer's skin tone - dark hose shows runs when worn over light skin, whilst lighter hose show water spots flipped up from the heel after walking in the rain.

Women who like pantyhose

Support hosiery can be worn to support the leg. P robably for the same reason that many more women look at my legs when I wear pantyhose: they look great, and they catch your eye. M en love the look of hose vs. No matter how nice your legs are, hose make them 10X better. M ost guys I know would rather see a lady in a dress or skirt. Pantsuits and slacks make a lady look older and more frumpy. And most times her legs will look best in sheer hose, unless she has very nice skin, has a nice tan, has no blemishes, keeps them shaven, and applies a skin oil to give them a slight shine - then she will look better without hose.

Women who like pantyhose

Since that is a lot of trouble, the hose can take care of all those problems very quickly. And most guys find hose and garters very sexy! I think most ladies hate hose because the manufacturers make them too constricting - too much spandex. A little spandex is necessary to keep them from bagging, but not near the amount they put into them is needed, unless they are support hose for those who need them.

Women who like pantyhose

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Girls do you like wearing pantyhose? Why or why not wear them?