Age play kink

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Updated: July 19, pm. Everyone is baby. Sexual exploration is essential to finding oneself. Age play is a form of roleplay where one or both partners pretend to be […].

Age play kink

People with this kink can take many different identities. Other identities for age players include babygirl, little, middle, mommy, daddy and lolita. Middles identify as teenagers and act more bratty, whereas babygirls and littles are more submissive and docile. While kink-shaming is often seen as a bad thing, this kink must be scrubbed from society.

While activities like playing with the occasional Lego set or spending time coloring is perfectly fine, fetishizing children and their age is not. The sexualization of adolescent girls is nothing new. In fact, evidence of this can be found across every medium of mainstream media, including prime-time TV shows, commercials, music videos and magazines.

But adolescent boys should not be excluded from the conversation, because all children are susceptible to manipulation and abuse, especially in an era where technology is virtually inescapable.

Age play kink

Within this day and age play kink of technological advancements, the scale of child pornography has grown exponentially. Many believe the internet paved the way for pedophiles to share and save child pornography in an easier fashion, but it is also easier to exploit children with the existence of online messaging boards, mobile phones and social media.

Real children are gullible, and when they begin to use technology, they embark on a journey of exploitation where online personalities and strangers try to manipulate their ideas of the world and its population. But again, this kink is complex and it is about more than just the age associated with a partner. While it can seem attractive to be taken care of, the idea of having to act like in order to receive or give this kind of care is sickening.

Is it sexy to infantilize others? To get off to the idea of having sex with ? What exactly is erotic about tendencies that would otherwise be deemed pedophilic? Even within the bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism community, which is very welcoming to all strokes of life, age play is not widely accepted because of the questionable connection between pedophilia and the practice.

It does not take a rocket scientist to discern the correlation, however many age players argue that since both partners are legally consenting adults, it is preposterous to even consider age playing as a pedophilic act. Edit Close. Toggle. Low 67F.

Age play kink

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Age play kink

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Age play kink Age play kink

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