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The first thing we noticed was that this website is connected to WellHello. We have reviewed both sites, and both of them are scams. Unfortunately with the popularity of online dating all type of dating scams have flourished in the last decade. Some of these yoursecrethookup are easy to yoursecrethookup as fake, others not so much. If you want to learn the truth about this particular website you can read the full investigation, yoursecrethookup all types of evidence showing it's a scam below. It gets very tiresome dealing with these dating services who play everyone for a bunch of idiots.

If you take a look at the screenshot below you will see that we received 89 messages from 89 different women on this website. What's so infuriating about receiving so many messages is the fact that they're all phony. Not even a single message is legit! All of these messages are sent using high-tech computer chatbots. If you don't know what a chatbot isit's a specific type of software program that's been specifically created to send people on these fake dating sites phony instant messages.

When you receive these messages if you don't have any idea about chatbots you might think that these are real women trying to contact you for casual encounters and hookups. But it's all a scam folks! All the messages have been generated by a computer chat bot that has been built to mimic real people.

The messages look legitimate but they're not. You're interacting with a computer program.


Yoursecrethookup end goal of the website sending you these phony chat messages is to dupe you into purchasing a monthly subscription to their dating site which is nothing but a well-disguised scam. Screenshot of the chat message we received. Screenshot of the 89 phony chat messages that we received.

What a shocker! YourSecretHookup is creating profiles on their own dating platform. Let me repeat that for you, the people that own this website are involved in fabricating fictitious dating profiles that they then use on their website! They are trying to pull the wool over your eyes by inflating the amount of women on the site by creating an army of phony female profiles. This makes it seem like the site has thousands of hot horny women looking for casual sex when the real truth is all of them are totally fake and the website is responsible for creating them.

We found this information by reading through the terms and conditions in section 6 where they say that Your Secret Hookup "creates and maintains some of the profiles on the site. We've done hundreds and hundreds of reviews and this is one of the ways that fake dating sites try to deceive you. I don't know if you've been in the members area of the website but basically every single girl that you're looking at isn't yoursecrethookup.

All of these profiles are fictitious. All of these profiles are not real women looking for casual hookups. None of these profiles have been created by women looking for casual dates or anything. It's all a mirage, it's all fake!

Screenshot of some of the fake profiles in the website. According to the terms and conditions if you want to spot a fake profile on the website you just have to look for a green dot containing a white heart. If you take a look at the screenshot below circled in red you will see a green dot containing a white heart, this is how you identify fictitious profiles on their website. Yoursecrethookup guess what, every single dating profile that we viewed on YourSecretHookup.

Screenshot of a fake profile with a green dot with yoursecrethookup white heart. The terms and conditions is a treasure trove of evidence. In the terms and conditions also found in section 6 yoursecrethookup website states that "some members of the site are actually persons created by employees or agents of YourSecretHookup. What you're looking at with this website is an actual ongoing criminal operation.

What else would you call it?


What else can we call a website that is knowingly breaking laws, deceiving, cheating and defrauding people. You're paying for a dating service to meet women, real women but once you this website there are hundreds and maybe even thousands of bogus profiles of women.


Not only is this website responsible for using chatbots, creating fake profiles but they're also responsible for replying to s and chat messages from the bogus s that they have set up. They use the yoursecrethookup profiles to impersonate the people in the photographs. For instance you might think you're talking to a hot looking blonde who you think is located in your city but there's a very great chance that the person you're chatting with is a person located halfway across the world. The bottom line is that you're not speaking to the women in these dating profiles.

We discussed the terms and conditions a couple times in this investigation and for good reason because it has so much evidence of fraud and deceitful behavior on the part of the website. Below we've outlined the most important parts of the terms and conditions which incriminates the owners of this website. What they tell us is that they create profiles on their own platform.

They also explained that they actually have employees and agents that are responsible for impersonating the people in the fake profiles. You can be the most important parts of the terms and conditions by clicking on this link, visit section 6. We've exposed this site with everything found in the yoursecrethookup and conditionsall the evidence is found directly on their own website.

This was easy as pie to prove this website is in fact a scam. At least now you know the truth about what's going on here. If you ended up purchasing a membership on this website please contact your bank and try to get reimbursed. If you want to find real women, then look at these legit dating websites. I wanted this one to be real so bad. That fake JessieDxoxoxo12 who supposedly lived only a mile away and who messaged me begging for a sex meetup was so convincing.

I never yoursecrethookup the upgrade charge so all I can do is look at that fake profile. Who is she really? So wish it was real. I would thave totally without hesitation met up with her. I eve used to the google imaghes engine to see if she came up anywhere else yoursecrethookup the internet. No matches. The people behind these […]. Yoursecrethookup got hood winked!!! Very bad site, looks good at first, there are some real girls there, but the majority of the women are web cam models or made up peofiles… I found them through Snaphell2!

Heres what they do. Its called baiting. They are very good look at their profiles pics, go through yoursecrethookup, the have the same wooden plank wall in the back ground… come on? I need this to stop! I got ripped off by Your secret Hook up. Customer Service is very unhelpful and you could tell had a script they were working from as what and how talk with customers. They wanted to screw the customer over period and point blank. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Toggle. April 22, at pm.

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