Extremely naughty text messages

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Sending a hot text is the most effective way to turn a guy on and prepare him for upcoming fun! Even though it seems pretty simple, there are still some things you need to pay attention to if you want to do it right. Now, what does this mean?

Think about how you feel, and send sexy texts in accordance with it because vibes are a true miracle. Dirty talk phrases can do wonders, but make sure you use them correctly. So, remember to keep in mind two things:. Always send hot texts in accordance with how close you are to the guy.

Awesome, right!? To make it easier for you to find the right text, I have divided it into specific that resemble specific text types. This way, it will be much easier for you to pick the most appropriate one according to your mood, guaranteeing you some fun after. Here are 10 sexting that you will find explained below with hot sexting examples :. Now that we have got everything straight, you can proceed to the list of the top hottest texts to send a guy tonight that will make extremely naughty text messages hard and unable to think of anything other than you!

Innocent texting is an awesome way to turn a guy on slowly and then proceed to the real deal. So, why not use this to your advantage?

Extremely naughty text messages

And that is exactly what turns them on like crazy—giving them enough to ignite their imagination and sexual fantasies but not too much to stop being interested. It creates mystery and at the same time, it remains innocent and cute. Innocent texting is always a safe bet, and you can never fail with it. Also, it is a great choice for those who are not that into sexting but would want to try themselves out there. Opposite to innocent texting, dirty texting is more to the point if you catch my drift. Dirty texts are direct and therefore especially suitable for those who are in a relationship.

For example, your partner could be at work, and you have scheduled a time when the two of you are going to meet later. He will be a little bit shocked at first but in a positive wayafter which comes lust and an intense feeling of sexual tension. Dirty texts have this power to reveal your sexual confidence and show your guy how bold and naughty you are. Being fully naked in front of you and you looking at me and my something. Your dominance makes me hot. It is you deep inside me. Is that something you could do? If you want to talk dirty to your man in a long-distance relationshipyou need to let him know how much you miss him and what are the things that you crave doing to him.

It reveals all the places you love to touch so much. I want your hands squeezing them hard. Wanna see? I miss seeing your sexy body with no clothes on. Can you give me a little preview? I want to wake up next to you every morning and do dirty stuff to your body.

It will boost your attraction toward one another and create a stronger bond between partners. Unlike otherthis one is a perfect mix of the emotional and physical, which is an awesome combo when it comes to your love life.

You will trigger your guy on both emotional and physical levels, and he will want to see you right away! Your skin, the way you hold me tight. And the sight of watching you turned on makes me feel extra turned on. It is so intense. It is the most precious and peaceful feeling in the world. All of you. And I want to give all of myself… every single part of my body and soul… to you. Teasing texts are a sure way to make your guy go crazy for you.

In a way, teasing is like challenging his patience how long he will endure not seeing youand it works perfectly, every single time. It is similar to innocent texting, but the only difference is that teasing texts are, in a way, more direct. They work on the principle of engaging your extremely naughty text messages in conversation. For example, you ask them to help you unhook your bra or something but in a teasing way. The accent is on posing teasing questions and sending flirty texts that will set him on fire. Hmm… Do you have any ideas?

My goodness. As the title says for itself, straightforward texting is about being direct, and these are some of the hottest extremely naughty text messages to send a guy. It is because straightforward equals dominance. Yup, it is really hard to overshadow this one. Could you come over and help me choose? Funny texts are a great thing if you want to turn your guy on and entertain him at the same time.

They are casual, and they also have a teasing vibe that will make him curious without question. When he sees the text, it will bring a smile to his face and remind him of what a hot lady you are. If the two of you have just met, I strongly advise you not to use this one because he might interpret it differently. And if that happens, you will ruin your opportunity for great, hot texting. So, the best bet is to play it smart, and send this kind of text only if you have known each other for some time.

Just kidding… Hmm… maybe not kidding. It just feels so nice. The truth is, guys love girls who know how to be bossy from time to time and show their wild side. If you send your guy such a text, he will feel the exact same way! Just wanted to ask if you could stay in my bedroom tonight to make my dream come true! I had the strangest dream about you last night. Er, PG maybe. When are you coming home?

Extremely naughty text messages

How many rhythmic muscular contractions do you think you can give me tonight? I know something that can be your dessert… Good morning my boo. So, visual teasing works every time no matter what! To the majority of guys that I know dirty texting is like breathing. They extremely naughty text messages when a girl feels relaxed and is not afraid to express herself be it with words or with pixels if you know what I mean.

Such guys are either shy, a little bit reserved or they have a different style. Before choosing one of the hottest texts to send a guy, pay attention to his personality, preferences, and circumstances. Truth be told, guys like all kinds of dirty texts but note that this greatly depends on their personality and preferences. Men who like being submissive will enjoy it if you send them dominant sexts, whereas men who are open and straightforward tend to enjoy such texts.

Basically, you can send him any text from any category above. When it comes to mastering dirty texting, the most important thing is that you feel relaxed. If the conversation feels forced, you might create a counter-effect.

After that, you can gradually make things steamier! Everyone loves receiving compliments and so do guys. If you want to catch his attention, the best bet is to give him a compliment. You can compliment his personality, appearance, achievements, or whatever comes to your mind. There are many ways in which you can flirt with a guy and one surefire way is to tease him.

The point here is to make him laugh and slowly make things hotter. This is a great way to spark his imagination. Trust me, even washing dishes can be turned into a sext if you know how to play with words wink. When it comes to dirty texting, always make sure to maintain the mystery.

Remember that less is more! One-liners are your best friend when it comes to sexting because they help you remain mysterious. By sending him a hot one-liner, you will give him enough material to both spark his imagination and make him hungry for more. Making a guy laugh is also a part of sexting. Or you can always improvise on your own. Sexting is all about details. Help him imagine how smooth your skin is or how excited you are about seeing him. Express yourself. Be bold. Be curious. Be mysterious.

If you want to make a extremely naughty text messages smile, you can send him flirty jokes, funny pick-up lines, or witty one-liners. Here are some ideas:. You can flirt with a hot guy over text by asking him flirty questions, sending flirty one-liners, and teasing him. If you want to become a flirting goddess, follow these steps:. Guys love when you say their name be it in person or via texts.

Extremely naughty text messages

Open-ended questions will help you keep the conversations going. Give him some space to elaborate and impress you with his way of thinking. There are plenty of flirty jokes and one-liners that can make him laugh. If you need some inspiration, check out the funny dirty texts above.

Extremely naughty text messages

Compliment his appearance, skills, personality, bedroom performance, you name it. You can tease him by sending him flirty-teasing texts or photos. Most men are fans of visual teasing because, as already said, men are visual creatures. Spice things up with flirty emojis such as winking kiss, tongue-out emoji, happy devil, or angel emoji. Create anticipation and always leave him wanting more. Be playful and tease him. Make him thirsty for you and make him beg for more.

So, before you send any dirty textsfirst ask yourself if they resemble your personality and if you are comfortable sending them. The most important thing is to stay true to yourself because that is the only way to turn him on, with your vibe and energy! Your sexy text messages or pictures reflect your moods, wishes, desires, and cravings. They say a lot about what you want and how you are presenting yourself. And that is why they are of the utmost importance when it comes to making a guy want you badly. Never change yourself just so that you fit a particular role because it will not be genuine, and it is not who you are.

Just relax, be yourself, and never allow yourself to do something only for the sake of making him horny. When you choose one of the hottest texts to send a extremely naughty text messages you like, read it a few times so that you absorb the idea of it. And if you find yourself not liking it, do not send it.

Extremely naughty text messages

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