First spanking story

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I stood staring out of the window at the skyline. The light grey clouds interspersed with whiter ones and, in the distant, a glimmer of blue sky. I became conscious I had folded my arms behind my back and smiled to myself as I remembered my mum saying it was a dead giveaway that I was nervous about something. Indeed I was nervous for shortly I was about to cane a girl. My first time. I had been appointed Headmistress of Sutherland School for Girls last July and this was my first term. The school had a very good academic record and even more of a reputation in the field of sports.

Indeed it had been national title holders for hockey five out of the last six years. So I had big shoes to fill and I had been very determined to repay the faith the Governors had shown in me. Whilst this was my first Hehip, I had been Deputy Head at my school so I was not without a certain knowledge of how things run. All except when it came to corporal punishment. My school did not use that method of punishment except in very, very serious matters and in the six years I had been there I was unaware that it was used.

The Headmaster had other ways of dealing with pupils who transgressed the rules and I believe it worked successfully. I am sure that it was the good record of the school that counted heavily when they appointed me. I was sad to leave the school and particularly John Abbott, the Headmaster, but I went with his blessing and kind words of encouragement.

Sutherland school did have a more rigid punishment policy and Sir Charles Wentworth, the Chair of the Governors, did indeed explain this at our first meeting. He also said that was now my school and it was up to me how I implemented the school policies. I assured him that I would deal with each case on its merits and I hoped that I could maintain the excellent traditions of the school. I began my work in the third week of August, no six weeks holiday for me this year, as I had a new school to get up to speed with, new challenges and a completely new way of working.

So by the second Monday in September I was more than prepared to welcome the girls, old and new, back to Sutherland. It was very busy few weeks but everything went smoothly thanks to all the staff and pupils as well. By the end of November, and with Christmas fast upon us, I reflected how quickly the time had flown and how seemingly smooth things were running. In fact I am sure that the school would have functioned whether I was there or not. In that time I had seen ten girls in my office for rule infractions that the teachers deemed something more stern than a word by them.

Only one I saw as something more than a chat and a warning about their future conduct. Even that, whilst it was girl who decided to leave school without permission, in some cases it could earn a girl a sore bottom, I gave the first time transgressor the benefit of her exemplary record and gave her two nights detention. Even the actual of detentions was down from last year first spanking story made me smile when I presented my report last week at the Governors meeting. It all changed last Monday, the 5th December to be precise, and hence why I am anxiously staring out the window awaiting the three-thirty appointment with Elizabeth Kent.

She was an above average pupil even by this schools academic standard. She was poplar with all teachers and also had, it seems, many friends within her year. So when I was walking along the upper floor corridor and heard raised voices coming from a classroom, I immediately stopped and listened. It was lunchtime and the there was no else about; too busy filling themselves with lunch of some concoction or other.

That is where I was going for my date with a meat and potato pie when I was distracted. What I heard actually shocked me. Even after all these years as a teacher I had never heard a pupil shout with such ferocity. The teacher, Mrs Hampton, for her part kept herself calm and tried to diffuse the situation. It seems that this was not working. I had little choice but to enter the classroom and investigate further. I knocked and entered. The room fell silent as I walked across to the desk where the two of them stood.

I asked Mrs Hampton first spanking story an explanation of why I could hear raised voices in the corridor. It seems that Elizabeth did not accept she should get a detention for persistent talking in class as she thought it was unfair that she was singled out and another girl not get one.

I sent Elizabeth to have first spanking story lunch and then report to my office so we first spanking story have a further chat about the incident. I listened further to Mrs Hampton, who herself was quite shocked at what had happened. I assured her that the matter would be dealt with in an appropriate manner and that I would see her later in the staff room.

I got my meat and potato pie and it was delicious. The kitchen staff always made nice lunches but this was a particular favourite of mine. After which I strolled back to my office. Elizabeth was waiting outside when I arrived. I ushered her in and closed the door behind us. She was quiet as she stood in front of my desk. I composed myself and waited a moment before speaking; I had spent the time whilst eating contemplating what I would say.

This was by far the worst incident I had needed to deal with so far and I wanted to make sure I got it right. I also did not want a repeat of the shouting I heard less than an hour ago.

First spanking story

I sat back in my chair and folded my arms as I waited for an answer. I wondered what she expected me to ask her.

First spanking story

I got myself very frustrated at her refusal to listen to my explanation and I got worked up and it ended up with me getting loud. I am so sorry for what happened and I will apologise to Mrs Hampton straight after this. I have to say I was impressed with her words. However I cannot overlook your refusal to accept the detention issued by a teacher and indeed that you took it upon yourself to argue the matter and continued to argue your point to where it became so loud that it could be heard in a corridor. I saw her twiddle her fingers as her eyes looked towards the carpet.

A hint of blush red adorned her cheeks. Again the hesitation whilst she thought about my question. It showed she at least had some idea why she was in trouble. There were two other girls involved. Therefore I assume that you did twice as much talking as them. Would it also be correct that you were seen starting a conversation twice before Mrs Hampton finally put a stop to it?

In fact I have never heard a pupil even raise their voice to one. This is a very sad day for the school, First spanking story Kent. I leant forward and placed my elbows on the oak desktop to emphasis my disappointment.

First spanking story

I thought about what First spanking story should do next. My first instinct was to send the girl home until such time as I had spoken to her parents. Yet I also thought about what John would have done in this situation. He would have sent the girl back to class until such time as he had weighed up all the options. There was never a knee jerk reaction to a problem, it was always thought about in the cold light of day. At break time you will see Mrs Hampton and make that apology. I have no doubt that it will be sincere but I will see her later and ask. You will also attend the detention she has given you and again I will check that you have attended it.

Finally, you and I will have another meeting on Friday at three-thirty so I can tell you what punishment I have decided upon for your disgraceful behaviour. And at this moment all options are open first spanking story me. I saw a single tear roll slowly down her cheek as I dismissed her. She turned to the door and then turned back again. Again she turned and left my office quickly. She was good to her word and gave a heartfelt apology for her actions to Mrs Hampton who, being the big softy that she is, gave her a hug. Also the detention room on Wednesday did see Elizabeth for the first time in her school career.

I sat with my arms on the desk as Elizabeth walked in through the opened door and stood in front of the desk. I noticed how smart she looked in her uniform. Uniform and general smartness was something that I tried to instil within all the pupils but no matter what you said or did some girls would always look untidy.

Even if they had the best deer dress money could buy, it would not look good on them. Her head was upright and looking ahead, although her eyes were looking down towards the carpet.

First spanking story

Her left hand twitched, know doubt with nerves as she waited to find what her fate was. The wait she had endured since Monday afternoon, not knowing what her punishment was to be exactly. I am sure, like me, you want to put a line under this matter and move forward. Due to the seriousness of the matter there were a of courses open to me, including expulsion. I also had an option to involve your parents and the school governors, but again I thought that the matter was best dealt with within these four walls.

Again I paused and looked at Elizabeth.

First spanking story

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