Torture orgasms

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Torture orgasms

Post-orgasm torture describes the uncomfortable and sometimes painful stimulation of the genitals immediately following torture orgasms. For many people, the vulva, clitoris, labia, vagina, penis, anus, scrotum and perineum can be very sensitive immediately after an orgasm. Some people do not want these parts touched in the moments after climax. Post-orgasm torture may involve stimulation with hands, mouth, feet, penis, vulva, other body parts, sex toys and more. Bondage can be incorporated into the scene to ensure the person being tortured cannot stop their torturer.

Anyone, regardless or gender or sexuality can be the recipient of post-orgasm torture or the person doing the torturing. It is, however, most often depicted as a version of femdom, particularly as a woman continuing to perform fellatio on a man after he has ejaculated.

Torture orgasms

Post-orgasm torture is a form of control play, where one person exerts sexual control over another person. Some people may sustain this post-orgasm period and torture, continuing stimulation until the discomfort abates and the person being tortured is ready to continue sexual activity.

thousands receiving hot new sex related articles, goodies, and great deals. The key to successful post-orgasm torture scenes is clear, open communication and consent between all involved. Post-orgasm torture should not be unleashed as a surprise. The moments after climaxing can be both intimate and physically sensitive.

As this type of play does involve discomfort and potential pain, the submissive should share a safe word or physical action torture orgasms indicates the dominant should stop. There might be a fine line between not enough and too much, and everyone involved should be aware at all times. Because the body is already in a state of heightened sensitivity, post-orgasm torture overstimulates the whole body and reactions can be quick and involuntary.

Torture orgasms

It puts the torturer in a position of power and makes the "victim" feel vulnerable as they lose control over the body. Many people restrain their partner during post-orgasm torture, either with their body, ropes, cuffs, or other devices. This is best done before orgasm to ensure post-orgasm torture can occur immediately. The torture will be most effective if it occurs while the person is still erect.

Torture orgasms

Cock rings or cock bondage can help sustain the erection after ejaculation. For a person with a vulva, post-orgasm torture involving stimulation of the clitoris works best. While the fluids that occur during sex and orgasm can help lubricate the body, experts suggest using additional lubricant torture orgasms post-orgasm torture to increase sensation. Another use of post-orgasm torture may be as a punishment for premature ejaculation or even as part of a game.

If your partner comes too quickly, or before you, post-orgasm torture can be used in conjunction with other physical punishment or verbal degradation or humiliation to heighten the experience. More About Post-orgasm Torture Below. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! All Articles. Naughty Bits. Sex Tips. Sexy News. More About Post-orgasm Torture The key to successful post-orgasm torture scenes is clear, open communication and consent between all involved.

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Torture orgasms

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Torture orgasms Torture orgasms

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