Dental fetish stories

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Go to Trina's Dental Adventure part 1. Only a few more minutes and she would be in erotic bliss. It was surrendering total control to someone else and being completely helpless. She had began planning the moment she woke up from her night with Stevie. She found a few that stayed open late. The later the better. Less people that way. She got up, gave a little smile, and followed the cute assistant through the door. Amanda led Trina down a hallway and took a left into one of the rooms.

She saw what she came for. Hanging on a rack next to the far wall was a black mask attached to a long hose. She got a chill. Her plan was simple. She had dressed rather provocatively and was trying to seem very nervous.

Dental fetish stories

She knew that any normal man would be tempted by the opportunity. Nobody around. Attractive nervous girl dressed in a way that left little to the imagination. No man would be able to turn this opportunity down. Most of my classes are during the day. I only have one night class. She is very good with nervous patients. Grace was a woman? So much for her plan. She had no idea how wrong she was. Meanwhile in Dr. Grace stood up from her desk. She was wearing black heels with nylons that went well with her fair skin tone. She was in a very tight dental uniform. She had short dark brown hair and wore red lipstick.

She was in her early thirties. The two of them were lucky to have found each other. They both enjoyed their jobs very much for the dental fetish stories reason. Both of them loved having total control over a beautiful sleeping woman.

Dental fetish stories

In fact that was the whole reason Amanda had gone to school to be a dental assistant. Trina was dressed in a tight, low cut, pink blouse. Her medium sized breasts were all but popping out. She was also wearing a very short denim skirt and a pair of sexy black heels.

One way or another this girl was going to be asleep within five minutes. You can take those heels off and set them on the floor if you want. She noticed Dr. Grace staring at her feet. She had polished her toes dental fetish stories a black nail polish a few hours before she came. Would that be okay? Dental fetish stories could barely manage to speak. Grace went to prepare the gas while Amanda positioned the dentist chair. Trina noticed Amanda staring at her feet as well. Amanda saw that she had been caught staring but instead of apologizing she simply blew a kiss to Trina.

Trina felt another chill. Grace was back. Grace had the mask in her hand and Amanda was at the control valves. Trina felt the rubber mask placed over her face. She breathed normally as she had been instructed. The gas had a slightly sweet smell and reminded her of cleaning fluid. Grace said and took a deep breathe. Her arms and legs started to feel a little tingly and heavy. She was getting very turned on and was curling her toes and rubbing her bare legs together.

Grace noticed this and so did Amanda. Amanda smiled devilishly. Trina tried to make eye contact with Dr. Grace but was having a hard time focusing her eyes. It was a little difficult for her to speak without slurring her words.

Trina could barely keep her eyes open now. Grace checked to see if she was out. She left the gas running for another minute and then removed the mask. Grace found nothing. No cavities. Grace responded. She held them gently and pressed them against her face.

Dental fetish stories

Meanwhile Dr. You work on that while I get the skirt. She is something. What are you thinking? Then she looked at the sleeping girl in the chair and her mind was made up. She was curling her toes again and was also biting her lip. She looked over to Amanda who blew her another kiss. She let out a little moan and looked back at Dr. Grace asked. Grace and Amanda looked at each other and smiled. Then Dr. Grace looked back at her lightly sedated patient.

Nice work! Have you read my story called "The Oral Hygienist" on 3 of the stories section here? If not, you should Thread Tools Show Printable Version. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. The time now is AM. User Name. Remember Me? Members List. Thread Tools. Display Modes. View Public Profile. Find all posts by traveler Find all posts by CBiscuit. Thank you and yes I have. It's one of my favorites. Dental fetish stories why did i not become a dentist!!!!!

Dental fetish stories

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Dental fetish stories

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Dental fetish stories Dental fetish stories

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