Smoking fetish world

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Smoking Fetish World. Everything about the smoking fetish! Facebook You have facebook, make me a friend and we can communicate about the smoking fetish! Next update end of june, i'm now on the move, sorry girls and boys! Smoking interview with Paige. Love this wonderfull smoking lady! Check her blog! When did you start smoking? A: My first drag was my sixth grade year, I was eleven years old. I loved it from the very first time the filter touched my lips.

Smoking fetish world

I saw a documentary on smoking and I just had this visual addiction to smoking. So I just started looking it up online and then I started. One day I was sitting at an elementary school near by, and asked for a drag from a friend of mine, I took the biggest drag. It just filled my lungs and felt right. I prefer Red 's…. How much do you smoke? A: Well, I was smoking up to 3 packs a day. But with the soaring prices of cigarettes in New York I've had to cut down.

When did you realize you had a smoking fetish? A: To be honest I can tell you the exact moment. I was in fifth grade watching some show on who's prone to smoking. As I watched them take each drag and it fill their lungs rushing through them, the way the smoke came out dancing in the wind caught me and I knew at that moment I was addicted in every aspect.

What turns you on about smoking? A: When you pick up that cigarette and bring the lighter to it and watch that flame dance before your eyes, and the smoke fills your lungs rushing through you. Exhaling, watching the smoke lift above your head dancing in the air. That is what turns me on with smoking!

What are your favourite smoking techniques? A: I enjoy that old school, classy look while smoking. A deep inhale with a snap and then a little French inhale and slow thick exhale. Does smoking fetish world other people smoke turn you on? Would you ever quit smoking? A: I started at age eleven and I am now reaching my eighteenth birthday, within that amount of time I think I've stopped for a week or so.

I just enjoy the feeling of it too much to stop. God forbid the prices went up anymore I'd have to get them shipped from outta state lOl. Smoking story 1. It was a beautiful July day. Rhonda was sitting out on her patio enjoying her Marlboro Light She had to hurry up and finish it before her mother got home at It was according to the clock in the living room, which Rhonda could see through the patio door. Her mother would kill her if she caught her smoking, even though Rhonda was stealing them off of her mother for nearly eight months now, but her mom didn't seem to notice that they were missing.

Suddenly, Rhonda heard the front door open. Her mother, Mary, was home early. Rhonda hurried and took a triple pump before returning inside. Mary was just walking in the door when she saw Rhonda closing the patio door. Smoke was still trickling out of her nose from that triple pump she had taken. You better not have stolen it out of my pack!

Gees, first I catch you smoking and then stealing! She ran upstairs into her room. She slammed the door and locked it. She ran over to the bed, covered her face up with a pillow and just started crying.

She thought to herself, "Why can't I smoke? I like it. Mom does it, so I don't see what all the fuss is about it. Parents just aren't fair! She grabbed her pack of Marlboro Light s, took one out and lit it. She decided to go upstairs and talk to Rhonda about it. She got up, grabbed her pack of cigarettes, and went up the stairs. Mary knocked on her daughter's door. I want to talk to you" "Sure mom. She sat her pack on the desk in the room and sat down on the bed.

When she looked up, she could see smoke flowing in two streams from Mary's nose. I liked watching you take those big drags and seeing the look of relief on your face. I like watching those two streams of smoke come out of your nose when you exhale. Since it looked like you like it so much, I thought that maybe I would like it to, so I stole a couple cigarettes out of your pack and tried it.

I liked it mom, I really did. So, when you haven't been around, like in another room or whatever, I would steal a few cigarettes out of your pack. I'm really sorry mom, I am. If you don't want me to smoke anymore, I won't. Mary sat there, stunned at what she had heard. She couldn't believe that her little girl had started smoking. She started to rub Rhonda's beautiful blonde hair, which was lying on her pillow. She also had noticed that the ash on her cigarette was ready to fall off, so she grabbed a clay bowl that Rhonda had made in ceramics class of an ashtray.

She stubbed out smoking fetish world cigarette and smoking fetish world another two out of her pack. You can have one with me if you like, I just want to make sure that you are doing it right. She took the cigarette from her mother's hand and after Mary was done with the lighter, she handed it to Rhonda.

Mary watched attentively as Rhonda lit up and smoked. She couldn't believe what she was looking at. Rhonda smoked exactly like her.

Smoking fetish world

She took the same cheek hollowing drags, inhaled the same way, and exhaled in the same matter, letting the smoke flow out of her nose. Hey let's go out to smoking fetish world. Thanks smoking fetish world About twenty minutes later, Rhonda was ready. They jumped into the car, and immediately, Mary lit a cigarette. Then, she reached into her purse and gave Rhonda her very own pack. Rhonda gave her mother another giant hug and once again told her how thankful she was. On the way to the restaurant, each woman smoked 2 cigarettes. It was about a half hour drive.

When they finally reached the restaurant, Rhonda stuck her new cigarettes into her purse and her and her mother walked in. She seemed so excited. She had never smoked in a public place before, let alone with her mother. As soon as the two sat down, they both lit up their cigarettes. They got some disapproving looks from some of the older people in the section, but neither of them seemed to care.

Mary just sat there and watched her daughter smoke. She still couldn't believe that she was such a good smoker. She just watched Rhonda enjoy her cigarette and she still couldn't believe the similarities between mother and daughter in their smoking styles. She took a drag from the cigarette. Their dinner arrived shortly and after they were done eating, each lady decided to light up an after-dinner cigarette. Rhonda watched her mother light up and then watched as she took a drag and exhaled the smoke from her nose.

I rarely ever see you bring it out of your mouth. I really don't pay much attention to it. I've noticed that you do the same thing. I haven't seen you bring it out of your mouth once today. They left the restaurant and got into the car where they both immediately lit up. You want the same brand as these? They got to and Mary went in and bought the cigarettes and a lighter for Rhonda. Mary walked out with them in her hand and gave them to her daughter.

Rhonda hugged her mother again. Smoking trick: blowing rings. One of the most famous tricks of all: Although doing smoking tricks is by no means the healthiest party stunt you can pull, there's no denying that it's impressive. There's something very aesthetically pleasing about the way smoke moves, and being able to manipulate it with your mouth is a skill to master. Here's how. Blow O's or smoke rings. To do this and most smoking tricks you should not take the smoke into your lungs but into your mouth instead.

The reason for this is because you will need to retain the smoke much longer than if you were simply inhaling. Holding smoke in your lungs for these tricks will make you cough, and that doesn't look very cool.

Smoking fetish world

Use the muscles in your cheeks to suck in a full mouth of smoke, then form a tight "O" shape with your lips, making sure that your cheeks are stretched taut. Make quick, precise movements with your mouth to contract it slightly, and do this several time in succession. A stream of smoke rings should follow one after another. Create another trick--blowing one smoke ring through another. Contract your mouth muscles to push rings out until you figure out how to make some O's large, some small, some fast and some slow. This will probably take a good deal of experimentation before you get it down.

Position your head so that you're aiming at a downward angle.

Smoking fetish world

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