Sexy hawaiian names

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The Pacific Islander baby names are rich and symbolic of the gods and places that are important to the natives. They have a lovely rhythmic quality that is almost unheard of outside their native region. So if you are considering a Pacific Island name for your pea in the pod, MomJunction has complied a list for you. The name Samoa is derived directly from the beautiful South Pacific Islands. It could be quite an appeal with beach loving parents. The name also sounds slightly familiar with Sophia, making it feel somewhat familiar.

Sefina is one of the most rhythmic Samoan names we have come across. It is short for the name Iosefina.

Sexy hawaiian names

You can keep Iosefina as the given name and Sefina as the nickname. This Christian name was made famous by the lovely song by Vaniah Toloa. This name will remind your child to be deeply rooted in the Christian faith. So if you are not scared of predisposing your darling girl for the love of fashion, this moniker is just for you. The name Natia is derived from a longer Samoan surname. In itself, Natia means hidden in the Samoan language. Lanuola is a small part of a long Samoan surname. Elei is a traditional art of decorating fabric in the Samoan cultures. It involves carving patterns on wooden blocks, inking them, and sexy hawaiian names pressing them onto the fabric.

We think Elei would make a nice alternative to the popular Hawaiian name Leilani. Tamah is a Hebrew name heard widely in Samoa. For the nickname, you can keep Tammy or Timmi.

Sexy hawaiian names

Samoan people relate this name to the popular song Moe i le po masina sleeping on a moonlit night. Tama is the variation of the name Tamah or Tamar. Tama Janowitz, the American novelist, is a famous bearer of this name. This is one of the fanciest Samoan baby names. This would make a nice alternative to Lolita for them. Not the most pleasant meaning rivalbut the name definitely sounds beautiful. You can use Emere as a short form for Emelia, Emeline, or Emily.

Sexy hawaiian names

Non-Samoans would find hard to spell and pronounce this name. For the nickname, you can go with the short and straightforward Fetu or Fetuao. It sounds a lot more unique and unusual than Pearl. The name Lulu brings to mind a girl with a firecracker personality. It was in the top baby name list in the Social Security List in the year This chic and powerful name is moderately popular in Samoa.

It has been in the top baby names for over 15 years. But Salamasina is just about ready for a comeback. Iosefa is the Samoan version of the biblical favorite Joseph. Its variation, Sefa, is used as a nickname. The name has a simple meaning of good. But in the Samoan culture, Manaia is used to refer to the son of the high chief, when he performs taualga, the graceful solo dance to honor his family and village. Fetu is one of the most powerful Samoan baby names for boys. They sound very different from other vowel-ending sexy hawaiian names. Lagi ranks 31, in the United States.

And we even predict it will soon be on an international roll. Children are no less than a part of hearts of parents. Loto is enjoying mass popularity in several American and Pacific states. You can also use this name as a short form for Lotario or Lothair!

Puleleiite is ideal for parents looking for grand and elaborate names. We think it would work great on someone with a long surname. You can use Tam for one child and Tamati for the other. But we doubt many people would go with this name as it has a sad meaning. Afu is a Polynesian name used widely in Samoa, probably because of the Polynesian community residing there. Its similarity to Afi, another famous Polynesian name can be attributed to its popularity. It also made the top baby names, twice.

Hawea is an excellent, soft sounding Samoan baby name. It is probably the name of the mythical drum brought from Tahiti. It would make a perfect pick for mythology loving parents. Most of you must have guessed by now that Henare is the Samoan form of the name Henry. Henare was not even in the top before, but now sits pretty within This name is fantastic, especially because it took more than a few decade hiatus for appearing in the top names. This stately name has been in and out of fashion since the turn of the last century.

Enele is a name with lo of energy sexy hawaiian names spirit. This is quite straightforward. This short and sweet name stands pretty strong on its own. It was briefly popular in the 80s, but could be due for rediscovery. Haych belongs to the contingent of cool and classy Samoan nicknames, which is one of the most used ones. It was also the alternative name Ofelia in Pan Labyrinth. You can shorten it to Moa for the nickname.

For the nickname, you can choose Oli or Olly. Tamar is a strong and vibrant Old Testament given to girls born on Sukkoth holiday, where palm branches are used to make sukkah roof. Tamar is the name of a river as well in ancient Celtic. This name was popular in Hawaii from the years to It works as a nickname for Laniakea, too. Kalama is considered the Polynesian form of the name Karma, but we doubt that children are given this name for sexy hawaiian names meaning.

Penny would be the best nickname for Pania. Hamuera is the Polynesian form of the Christian name Samuel. This name is definitely on the rise in Polynesia, climbing more than a hundred places in the last few years. Eithumatupua, the Polynesian God, climbed down from a sky on earth, and took Ilahea, a worm descendant as his wife. While returning to the sky, he impregnated his wife, who gave birth to Ahoeitu on the Earth. Tane is the name of the mighty Polynesian sky god who set the moon and sun in place and studded the heavens with stars and constellation.

This name is inspired by the galaxy supercluster that is home to the Solar System, Milky Way, and Earth. The name acknowledges the Polynesian navigators who used their knowledge to navigate the Pacific Ocean. Tahiti is one of the most evocative geographical names. It is inspired by one of the places in Polynesia. The name conjures images of the swaying palm trees and beautiful palette of Gauguin. The popularity of Tahiti is growing with every passing day.

The name belonged to the Tahitian woman, and the lover of the narrator, a French officer stationed on the island. This soft and gentle name that was last popular hundred years ago, is on the cusp of revival. Though we must warn you that though in abundant use, this name sounds like a part of a longer name. The name Vaea has been born by the Tahitian and Tongan kings and chiefs in antiquity.

Sexy hawaiian names

Baron Vaea, the most famous bearer of this name was the Prime Minister of Tonga.

Sexy hawaiian names

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