Do women go to glory holes

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I also absolutely did not already discuss the gay thing in a guy's response below, thanks. In fact, I only brought it up because a female aquaintence of mine happened to mention using one at a college party a few years back. So clearly no woman anywhere has ever actually used one, ever.

As far as I know, they were, in fact, started by gay guys in scummy bathrooms. I am straight, so I'd have to know it was a girl, lol. I'm assuming that most people have at least heard the term before, but for those of you who have not; a gloryhole is a hole in the wall separating two rooms.

Do women go to glory holes

The girl is on one side, and the guy is on the other, so they can't see each other. Would you ever use one? If so, what would you do with the guy? What if it was multiple guys, one after the other? Have any girls actually visited one before? How was it? I'm not asking for any particular reason; I'm just bored, lol. Share Facebook. Girls, would you or have you ever use d a gloryhole? Add Opinion. It actually turns me on a lot to think about.

Blowing some stranger, knowing nothing about him or even what he looks like and still giving my mouth up to him and swallowing what he had to give me. A huge turn on to me. In reality I'd never do it. It's not even necessarily the fact that it could be a hobbit on the other side but i don't know where that hobbits dick has been and what things he could have to share. Also, while I love being degraded and humiliated I'm only comfortable with it in a loving and respectful relationship.

I'd have to have next to no respect for myself to do something like that. Isn't that a gay thing? They have them in mens bathrooms, for men to use right?

Do women go to glory holes

Pretty sure it's a gay thing. Hell no!

Do women go to glory holes

There's no way I'd put some strange penis in my mouth or hand! Heck I don't even like to look at one without seeing who it's attracted to and FYI most girls don't.

Do women go to glory holes

I'd probably be willing to stick my dick through the hole the only thing is how do you know it's not a dude on the other side? Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Guys, do you ever or have you ever use d your own pre-cum as a lubricant to carry on wanking with?

Girls, have you ever used your phone as a vibrator :D? There is an app for that BTW? What was the best pick up line you have ever used or heard about? Sort Girls First Guys First. I've seen this question cum up a few times. If guys were willing to wear condoms, I'd go to the glory hole, all the time.

Wow, never heard of that until now, interesting. WhaChaChaKing 1. Related myTakes. What Women Really Want in a Man Do people call you homophobic? Maybe you are not! The road not taken: Dealing with the choices in life we regret! Toxic Masculinity Is Not Real. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

Do women go to glory holes Do women go to glory holes

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The Hidden History of Glory Holes